Spiffy’s Sub-Processors

Updated: November 7, 2023

Spiffy uses sub-processors to assist them in connection with the Services (as described in the Terms of service). These third party sub-processors include:

Keap, Inc.Email ProviderSending transactional, service updates, and product-related emails to merchants only.US
Amazon Webservices, Inc.Cloud Service ProviderCloud infrastructure provider for Spiffy, where uploads are stored and delivered. SpiffyJS library is delivered through an AWS content deliver network.US and EU
DigitalOcean, Inc.Cloud Service ProviderCloud infrastructure provider for Spiffy, where non-application related assets are hosted.US
Fly.ioCloud Service ProviderCloud infrastructure provider for Spiffy, where all applications are hosted. Almost all data stored, processed, and transmitted through Spiffy resides on Fly data centers.US
MailGun, Inc.Email ProviderSending transactional emails to merchants and end customers. Mail servers are provided by Mailgun to deliver emails from the product.US
MaxmindFraud PreventionIP Geolocation used as a fraud prevention tool and to adapt/localize checkouts based on the visitors general region.US
Google CloudFraud PreventionGoogle recaptcha is used as a spam and fraud prevention tool. Google Maps is used for address detection and autocompletion.US
SentryError MonitoringError monitoring tool that helps find, triage, and prioritize application errors in real-time.US
StripePayment GatewayCard vault and payment gateway provider for Spiffy’s account billing. Merchants can also integrate their own account for processing end customer transactions.US