Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This Service Level Agreement is a commitment between Spiffy (“Spiffy”) and its Enterprise and CheckoutOps Customers, effective for the duration of the applicable Subscription Term.

Platform Reliability

  1. Reliability Assurance
    Spiffy guarantees a minimum Actual Availability of ninety-nine and nine tenths percent (99.9%) each calendar month during the Subscription Term. For periods when the CheckoutOps service is active, an extended SLA applies.
  2. Compensation for Downtime
    Should Spiffy fail to meet the Reliability Assurance in any calendar month, or during the CheckoutOps service period, Customers are entitled to a compensation credit (“Compensation Credit”), contingent upon the Customer’s timely report and request for such credit in alignment with these terms. Compensation is calculated as follows: CheckoutOps service customers
    • For standard services: X * Y, where X = total monthly fees for impacted Services, and Y = the Credit Percentage based on Actual Availability.
    • For CheckoutOps service periods: Z * Y, where Z = total fees for the CheckoutOps service package for the relevant period, and Y = the Credit Percentage based on Actual Availability.
    Actual AvailabilityCredit Percentage
    < 99.9% but ≥ 99.0%10%
    < 99.0% but ≥ 98.0%15%
    < 98.0% but ≥ 96.0%20%
    < 96.0%30%
  3. Claiming Compensation Credits
    To claim a Compensation Credit, Customers must email Spiffy at within 30 days following the month of the Reliability Assurance breach or after the CheckoutOps service period. The claim must include the Customer’s organization name or registered support email, and details of service unavailability. Spiffy will credit eligible accounts within 30 days after verifying the claim. Compensation Credits are non-refundable, non-transferable, and applicable only against future billing. These credits are the exclusive compensation for any breach of Reliability Assurance, both for standard services and CheckoutOps service periods.
  4. Terms and Definitions
    Terms not defined in this Service Level Agreement are as defined in the main Agreement.

    4.1 Scheduled Availability
    Defined as the duration, in minutes, when Spiffy’s Services are generally accessible and usable by permitted users.

    4.2 Unscheduled Downtime
    Refers to periods, in minutes, when Spiffy’s Services are not accessible or available to permitted users, excepting situations caused by the Customer or permitted users, force majeure, scheduled maintenance with prior notice, security breaches, or emergency maintenance.

    4.3 Actual Availability
    Calculated as Scheduled Availability minus Unscheduled Downtime.

Support Response Times
Spiffy’s Support team will adhere to the following response times for Enterprise customers:

PriorityDescriptionTarget Response Time
UrgentCritical Issue: Complete or partial outage, or total service unavailability.Within 1 hour
NormalFunctional Issue/General Inquiry: Performance issues or general questions.Within 1 business day
LowMinor Issue/Feature Request: Information requests or feature suggestions.Within 1 business day