IP Complaint Policy

Spiffy’s IP Complaint Policy

Businesses registering with Spiffy commit not to sell goods or services that infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties. At Spiffy, we recognize the importance of intellectual property protection and are committed to addressing claims of IP infringement diligently.

If you are an IP rights holder (or an authorized representative) and believe a business using Spiffy’s services is involved in activities infringing upon your IP rights, we encourage you to inform us. To do this:

Only complete IP Complaint forms sent to the mentioned email will be considered. It’s crucial to ensure that your complaint is communicated correctly and in full.

Before submitting an IP Complaint to Spiffy, consider the following:

  • Does the business in question have its own IP complaint procedure? If they do, please address your concerns there first and include any related documentation when you reach out to Spiffy.
  • Confirm if the business is genuinely using Spiffy services. Evidence of their current use of Spiffy services, such as links to checkouts and successful test purchases (excluding card information), can be beneficial.
  • Clearly specify the nature of the infringement. If your complaint concerns aspects like the business’s name, logo, or website design, we recommend addressing the issue directly with the said business. As a platform provider, Spiffy is not positioned to mediate such disputes.
  • Ensure your complaint is pertinent. It should exclusively relate to alleged infringements connected to the sale of goods or services violating IP rights.

Once your IP Complaint is received, Spiffy will undertake a thorough review and possibly ask for more details:

  • Refrain from submitting multiple complaints on the same issue as it might delay the review process.
  • During our investigation, we may share the IP Complaint in it’s entirety with the business you’ve flagged.

After the review, Spiffy will determine the business’s eligibility to continue using our services. While we can decide on the provision of our services to the business, we cannot directly influence or remove any purportedly infringing offerings of the business outside the scope of our service. While we will try to keep you informed about the status of our review the most we’ll be able to convey is whether or not Spiffy is or isn’t being used by the Business to sell goods, services, or products that were the subject of your IP Complaint.