Increase Sales by Incentivizing Word-of-Mouth


Boost Sales with Referral Incentives

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient sales channels. Rather than guessing and gambling on paid advertising, with affiliate marketing you only pay for sales made.

Spiffy makes it easy to run world-class affiliate marketing promotions.

  • Affiliate Campaign Tracking

    Run effective affiliate marketing campaigns with advanced tracking technology built-in.

    Drive affiliate traffic to your website, opt-in page, sales page, or directly to a Spiffy checkout.

  • Affiliate Programs

    Create unique affiliate programs to payout different commission percentages to different types of affiliates, or different levels of affiliates.


    • Affiliate Program = 15%
    • Strategic Partners = 25%
  • Affiliate Commission Ledger

    Track and manage payable sales commissions. Filter and export to payout commissions in bulk via PayPal or any other desired method.

  • Affiliate Portal

    Your Affiliates can access their unique tracking links, marketing resources (via Drive or DropBox), and high-level performance stats in your Affiliate Portal.

  • Affiliate Registration

    Add affiliates to your programs manually, via bulk upload, or enable public registration.

  • Custom Domain

    Setup your custom domain on CloudFlare, and transform your affiliate tracking links, registration form, and affiliate portal into custom branded links.

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