We make it easy to create subscription plans at various frequencies, and add them to any Checkout, addon, or upsell offer.

Free & Paid Trials

Add trials to your checkouts to delay the start of subscription.


  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • $7 for 7-Day Trial
Addons & Upsells

Upsell subscriptions on any checkout with addons or one-click upsells. Offer one-click upgrades from a monthly to an annual subscription in our upsell flows.

Easy Automations

Purchase Automation

Trigger integration actions based on subscription selection – apply tags, add to a list, start automation, send Zapier Zaps, etc.

Tailor customer onboarding for specific plans, or create an incentive for people to choose your annual plan.

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Customers Subscriptions

Subscription Management

  • Change Subscription Upgrade from Monthly > Annual
  • Move Billing Date Easily adjust the next billing date.
  • Cancel Subscriptions Choose immediate cancelation or at the end of their billing cycle

Jessica Lipman

Marketing Consultant at Stars Hollow Solutions

I love how simple it is to create offers. Spiffy has allowed me to automate my payment processing and focus on serving my clients and teaching. I'm able to set up subscriptions with my clients and let it run, without checking in on it constantly, it even rebills if payment fails! The best.

Business Metrics

Track Performance

Keep your finger on the pulse of the most important day-to-day numbers.

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Average Revenue Per Customer/User (ARPU)
  • Subscriber Growth
  • Revenue Growth
  • Subscriber Churn
  • Trial success & active trials
  • and more...
Cash Forecast

Manage Revenue

See revenue and follow up with customers with our easy reports on outstanding balances.

Cash Forecasting

Scheduled revenue for subscriptions and payment plans in a chosen time period.

Failed Payment & Aging

Breakdown of failed payments and accounts based on when the failure happened.
Automate Business

Billing Automation

25+ billing events that help automate customer follow up for various billing-related events, and multiple reports to help forecast and manage revenue.

Automatic Failed Payment Recovery + Dunning

Easily send reminders for failed payments and expiring cards, and let customers update their card info. Use your own custom email campaigns or our default reminders.

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Popular Billing Automation Events

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