Easily increase revenue up to 17% to 26% with the same traffic.

Increase Revenue

Boost Revenue
with Upsells

Boost revenue by adding upsells to your checkout. Get offers in front of customers when they have their card ready. Don't miss out on money and easily add upsells with Spiffy.

17% to 26% Increase revenue
Increase Revenue

One-Click Upsell

Easily create one-click upsell offers. Build on your website or use our simple mobile-friendly upsell pages.

Offering a relevant one-click upsell after customers make a purchase is the best way to increase initial sales and AOV.

Alex Houg

Founder of Houg, Inc

Spiffy is solving checkout speed, order bumps, and upsell implementation. This allows us to increase our average cart value, conversion rate, and the integration to our CRM.

Increase Revenue

Logic-Based Smart Upsells & Downsells

Create intelligent post-purchase upsell and downsell Flows based on customer behavior at checkout. Flows are logic-based offers that increase revenue per customer for any promotion.
Increase Revenue

On-checkout Addons & Options

Create a checkbox-style addon offer that displays during checkout. It doesn't require a dedicated post-purchase upsell step, and buyers can add it to their order with one-click.

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