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Learn how Spiffy works to make ActiveCampaign even more powerful.

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Learn how Spiffy works to make sales and send customer data to Keap!

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In the land of tech and automation, we value true connection and community. We talk with our customers on a daily basis to make sure we’re building the most valuable features. Want to influence what we build next? Schedule a live demo, and we’ll show you exactly how Spiffy can work for your business.

Speed Matters

Blazing Fast Page Loads

You have 2-seconds. Pages where you’re making sales must be ultra-fast to load, otherwise stats show you can lose up to 53% of visitors. This is even more important for mobile and paid ads traffic. We have the fastest load times of any tool on the market.

Bring Your Checkouts Into the Future

Get More, Ask For Less

Our checkout pages are optimized for a streamlined purchase experience, on all devices. Select our slim “short form” style, and use our data enrichment integration to make it super fast and easy for people to buy, while also gaining even more insight into your customer demographics.

 Make Data-Driven Decisions

Actionable Insights + Automation

It’s never been easier to identify opportunities, take data-driven action, and create a seamless customer experience. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Powerful Integrations

The MVP of Your Marketing Stack

Your marketing stack should enable scale and freedom. There are thousands of amazing tools out there, so rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, we make it easy for sales data to flow to other software tools. Essentially, Spiffy makes the other tools you’re using even more valuable to your business.


We don't cut corners. We brainstorm and build every feature with strategic thought and intention.
Our mission is to make powerful strategies and tactics, easy and intuitive to implement.

Quick Setup

Connect your Stripe account, and start taking payments in minutes!

CRM Integrations

Directly connect Spiffy to your ActiveCampaign, Keap, or Infusionsoft app and collect customer data.

Analytics & Reporting

Get the stats that matter, lifetime value, sales performance, and more.

Zapier Integration

Connect Spiffy with all major CRMs, and over 1,000+ different apps.


Create a subscription that tracks sales, failed payments, expiring credit cards, etc.

Payment Plans

Boost conversions by offering payment plans, allowing your customers to pay over time.

One-Click Upsell

Boost revenue fast with a post-purchase, one-click offer.

Checkbox Offer Bump

Make buying complimentary products easy with a checkbox offer bump.

Mobile-First Design

Optimized for mobile buyers, we're the only payment solution designed mobile-first.

GDPR Support

We make it easy to add the needed checkboxes to your checkouts, to be GDPR compliant.

Promo Codes & Discounts

Easily add promo codes to checkouts for special promotions.

SCA Compliant

You'll be compiant and ready for SCA and 3D Secure with no additional setup!

Make Sure We're The Right Solution.

Schedule a quick live demo with our co-founder, and let's make sure we're the best solution for you.
When you get started, you'll have direct access to our co-founders & development team.
You’ll have true influence, helping recommend and prioritize the features we build next.

DIRECT CRM Integrations

Our Direct CRM and Zapier integrations exponentially increase the value Spiffy adds to your business.
Streamline workflows, automate new customer communication, and whatever else you can imagine.

And thousands of other apps via Zapier Webhooks.

Google Sheets

Here's What's Coming

We pride ourselves on building the features our customers value the most.
Here are some of the features we are currently building.

Advanced Analytics

Get all the important stats to make data driven decisions, without having to dig for them.

Apple Pay

We'll make it easy for your customers to buy with Apple Pay on iOS devices.

Segment Automation

Setup customer segments and trigger automation based on certain criteria, automatically.

AI Powered Insights

Spiffy will learn how your business makes money and show you the most actionable data

Systems Integrations

Deep integrations with other software systems to extend the functionality and power of Spiffy

Physical Products

Soon you'll be able to sell physical products with our beautiful checkout pages.

And Much, Much, More…

(Note: This is not our complete 3-5 year roadmap, just what is coming soon.)

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When you get started, you’ll get immediate access to our team’s private Slack channel. You’ll have direct access our co-founders and developers to ask questions and recommend features.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers!

We have a robust help center with a wealth of information.
If you don't find your answers there, our team is here to support you.
We pride ourselves on world-class customer support.

We value accurate and quality support, over speed, and guarantee a response within 24 hours
(You can usually expect a meaningful response within 2 hours, unless we are sleeping).

Technical support

We directly integrate with ActiveCampaign, Keap, Infusionsoft and Zapier, so as long as your software supports Zapier everything should work perfectly! Check the product roadmap for more integrations on the way!

Currently Spiffy checkout pages work with Stripe and PayPal, however, we have plans to add other gateways soon!

Yes, BUT… if you create an account while we’re still in beta and keep your subscription active you’ll be grandfathered into that pricing for life!

NO WAY! The only transaction fees you’ll see will come from your merchant account (Stripe).

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