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Spiffy is a checkout page tool for ActiveCampaign users who sell digital products or services. It is both powerful and easy to use. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other.

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Easy & Powerful

How you wish all integrations were built...

Spiffy simplifies payment collection and service sales for ActiveCampaign users, while also providing powerful features.

Deep Data

With Spiffy and ActiveCampaign, you can view and act on sales data within ActiveCampaign, which can help increase sales and uncover hidden revenue opportunities.

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Integration Features

Spiffy is the go-to eCommerce tool for ActiveCampaign customers who are selling services or digital products. Our integration is most powerful with a Plus or higher ActiveCamiagn account, but you can also integrate Spiffy with a Lite* ActiveCampaign account. *Sales data will not send to a Lite account.

Add/Remove Tags

Setup actions to add/remove multiple tags on the customer’s contact record after a successful purchase.

Add/Remove Lists

Setup actions to add/remove a contact to one or many lists after a successful purchase.

Add/Remove Automations

Setup actions to add/remove a contact to one or more automations after a successful purchase.

Direct Integration

Connect Spiffy directly to ActiveCampaign. Get the full functionality of a direct API integration. (No need for Zapier)

Auto-Send Contact Info

Integrate ActiveCampaign once, Spiffy will automatically send over customer data for every purchase.

Deep Data

Unlock the full power of ActiveCampaign’s automations and segmentation, with our deep data eCommerce integration.

Unlock the full power of ActiveCampaign

Spiffy was built to extend the power of ActiveCampaign. Our deep data integration makes Spiffy the go-to checkout solution on the market & we’re just getting started.

Risk-free for 30-days. 100% money-back guarantee.
Easy Guided Setup

Start Getting Paid in Minutes

Spiffy is a fast, easy, and powerful tool for collecting online payments.

Getting started is a breeze, as we take care of the hard work and walk you through the process step-by-step. Simply connect your Stripe account, integrate with ActiveCampaign, and create an order form in minutes.
Power and Simplicity

Fast. Easy. Simple. Powerful.

Our approach is to build powerful features that are also easy to use. Unlike other software solutions that either over-complicate or oversimplify things, we take pride in creating elegant and user-friendly features that deliver results.
Save Time with Purchase Actions

Focus on Your Best Work.
Not Busy Work.

Spiffy's ActiveCampaign and Zapier Actions automate the initial steps of onboarding new clients or customers. This saves time and allows you to focus on what you enjoy most.

Once you integrate your ActiveCampaign account, you can set up Actions for each Spiffy order form that run after a successful purchase. These Actions include adding/removing tags and adding/removing from lists and automations in ActiveCampaign.

Grow your business stress-free.

Robert Brown

Founder of Oakland Piermont

The thing that sold me on Spiffy was the integration with Active Campaign. The integration is way more in depth than any other program out there. I also love the design, it’s a great product.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

View Customer Sales Data in ActiveCampaign

Spiffy sends sales data to ActiveCampaign, allowing it to appear in a customer's contact record. This provides valuable data for future marketing campaigns. Without this data, you're missing out on ActiveCampaign's full power and potential revenue.

Spiffy also offers sales reporting at various levels, including big-picture sales and individual order form and customer levels.

Note that you need an ActiveCampaign Plus account or higher for this feature to work, and ActiveCampaign's Deep Data feature is required for sales sync.

Discover Hidden Pockets of Revenue

Boost Sales with Advanced Segmentation

Spiffy helps you use ActiveCampaign to get the right message and the right offer, in front of the right person.

Spiffy unlocks functionality in ActiveCampaign that other order form solutions flat-out overlook. Spiffy makes it possible to segment your customers based on 20+ different sales metrics in ActiveCampaign.

You’ll be ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities that you’re probably unable to find right now. Spiffy will make it easy to execute strategic marketing campaigns with precision.

Trigger Automations Based on Sales Data

Increase Retention & Customer Lifetime Value

Increase your customer lifetime value with smart automation triggers. With sales data in ActiveCampaign, you can use “E-Commerce Triggers” to start automations based on sales data.

Want to reward your best customers? Setup a customer appreciation campaign after they spend $2,500+ with you. Want to increase repeat purchases? Trigger a re-engagement campaign with a special offer if their last purchase exceeds 120 days. The opportunities here, are endless.

ActiveCampaign Video Tutorials

Spiffy's University is here to help you master ActiveCampaign. With our library of videos, you'll find step-by-step tutorials for both basic and advanced training.

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