The Most Powerful Stripe Integration for ActiveCampaign

Combining Stripe with ActiveCampaign is now easier and more powerful than ever before.

ActiveCampaign doesn’t have an eCommerce feature built into its software, and Stripe’s basic checkout pages may not be enough. Other software, such as ClickFunnels, SamCart, and ThriveCart, integrate with ActiveCampaign, but they only apply tags and start/stop automations.

These tools don’t take advantage of the full potential of Stripe and ActiveCampaign, which can result in lost profits.

Spiffy is the most powerful integration tool for Stripe and ActiveCampaign. It not only passes sales data into ActiveCampaign but also supports advanced online marketing tactics like cart abandonment and site tracking.

Spiffy’s Stripe Deep Data Integration with ActiveCampaign.

Our Deep Data integration with ActiveCampaign can significantly enhance the power of ActiveCampaign. It’s like adding a supercharger to your business engine.

Once you’ve integrated your ActiveCampaign account with Spiffy, all customer information and sales data will automatically be sent to ActiveCampaign when a customer makes a purchase from a Spiffy checkout page.

This opens up a new Ecommerce section in their ActiveCampaign contact record, where you can view all their purchases, their lifetime value, and other valuable information.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign’s Advanced Search feature allows you to filter, segment, and trigger automations based on Ecommerce data. You can use criteria like Total Revenue and Last Order Date to trigger campaigns or segment contacts, which can help you target the right people with the right offers and make your marketing even more effective.

What makes Spiffy Different than other Stripe Checkout Page Tools?

Spiffy offers an integration that is both simple and powerful, unlike other options.

Other solutions are either too complex or too limited, making it difficult to set up a checkout page. Most tools require you to navigate through a lot of settings just to get a basic checkout page up and running.

With Spiffy, you can create a new mobile-optimized checkout page that looks great and is ready to accept payments in under 37 seconds. If you need additional features like upsells or integration actions, you can easily add them to the checkout page using our editing tools.

Spiffy Checkouts are Mobile-Optimized, What does that mean?

Spiffy’s checkout pages are not only mobile-optimized, but they are also designed with a mobile-first approach. We are the first checkout page solution in the market that prioritizes mobile users.

Most other solutions are only mobile-responsive, which means they are designed for desktops and laptops, and then adjusted to fit the screen of a mobile device. This can result in a subpar experience for customers, with small fields that are difficult to select or type into, slow page load times, and other issues.

In 2018, the majority of emails were read on mobile devices, and a third of all ecommerce transactions occurred on mobile devices. If you’re using Facebook Ads, sales emails, or text message marketing, not having a seamless mobile checkout experience can cause you to miss out on potential sales.


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