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Take payments through your website with Infusionsoft. Subscriptions, Payment Plans, Upsells, we make it all easy!

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Integration Features

Direct, native integrations are always the best. Here are the main features of our Infusionsoft integration that will help you save time, make money and create a seamless experience for your customers and clients.

Direct Integration

Connect Spiffy directly to Infusionsoft. Get the full functionality of a direct API integration. (No need for Zapier)

Add/Remove Tags

Setup actions to add/remove multiple tags on the customer’s contact record in Infusionsoft after a successful purchase.

Send Order Data

Send order data for purchases, payment plans and subscription payments, so your sales show up on each contact record.

Auto-Send Contact Info

Integrate Infusionsoft once, Spiffy will automatically send over customer data for every purchase.

Add/Remove Campaigns

Setup actions to add/remove a contact to one or more automations after a successful purchase.

Unlock the full potential of Infusionsoft

Spiffy makes it easy to streamline your new customer experience, and make data-driven business & marketing decisions.

Risk-free for 30-days. 100% money-back guarantee.
Easy Guided Setup

Start Getting Paid in Minutes

Spiffy is a fast, easy, and powerful tool for collecting online payments.

Getting started is a breeze, as we take care of the hard work and walk you through the process step-by-step. Simply connect your Stripe account, integrate with ActiveCampaign, and create an order form in minutes.
Power and Simplicity

Fast. Easy. Simple. Powerful.

Our approach is to build powerful features that are also easy to use. Unlike other software solutions that either over-complicate or oversimplify things, we take pride in creating elegant and user-friendly features that deliver results.
Subscription Payments

Super Simple Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a powerful way to build a sustainable, predictable business. You shouldn’t have to use a separate system just to run and manage your subscription payments.

We’ve built powerful, yet intuitive subscription features into Spiffy that make it easy to collect and manage subscription payments, and recoup failed payments with billing automation.

Infusionsoft Video Tutorials

Spiffy's University is here to help you master Infusionsoft. With our library of videos, you'll find step-by-step tutorials for both basic and advanced training.

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