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We believe that power doesn't need to be complex. We've built all the power features that you've grown to expect from Infusionsoft's e-commerce platform, without all the complexity. Setup payment plans right in the Checkout Editor, offer a monthly & an annual subscription on the same checkout page, and much more...

Direct Integration

Connect Spiffy directly to Infusionsoft. Get the full functionality of a direct API integration. (No need for Zapier)

Add/Remove Tags

Setup actions to add/remove multiple tags on the customer's contact record in Infusionsoft after a successful purchase.

Auto-Send Contact Info

Integrate Infusionsoft and Spiffy will automatically send over customer data for every purchase.

Add/Remove Campaigns

Setup actions to add/remove a contact to one or more Campaigns after a successful purchase.

Order Data

Send order data for purchases, payment plans and subscription payments, so your sales show up on each contact record.

Affiliate Tracking Integration

Spiffy recognizes Infusionsoft's affiliate tracking and assigns affiliate credit for sales.
(Extra Setup Required)

Payments processed by:

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Supercharge Infusionsoft with Spiffy Checkout Pages

The conversion part of your marketing efforts is the most important. Nothing can impact your bottom line, like increasing the conversion rate on your checkout pages.
Spiffy will help you make more sales by creating a seamless checkout experience
for your customers across all devices.

Speed Matters

Blazing Fast Page Loads

Every second it takes for your checkout page to load, your conversion rate is negatively impacted – exponentially. Everything we do is designed for speed and ease of use on mobile devices.

When you build for speed and ease-of-use on mobile devices, that translates back to desktop too. Spiffy is the easiest & fastest way to get paid online.

Easy, Guided Setup

Start Getting Paid in Minutes

Getting started is easy. We do all the heavy-lifting behind the scenes. You’re literally just a few clicks away from taking payments.

Connect your Stripe account. Connect your Infusionsoft account. Create a Checkout. Collect Cash. It’s that simple.

Not tech savvy? No worries, we’ll guide you through the entire process, step-by-step. Start making sales and collecting payments in minutes.

Sales Data

Sales Data Sent to Infusionsoft

Most integrations just apply tags and start campaigns, leaving you jumping between multiple systems to figure out what is happening with your customers.

When someone purchases through a Spiffy Checkout, you can see their order information in their Infusionsoft contact record. No more jumping between systems, playing “detective” in your own business.

Subscription Payments

Super Simple Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a powerful way to build a sustainable, predictable business. You shouldn’t have to use a separate system just to run and manage your subscription payments. We’ve built powerful, yet intuitive subscription features into Spiffy that make it easy to collect and manage subscription payments.

Affiliate Marketing

Use Infusionsoft Affiliate Tracking with Our Checkouts

Until now, there hasn’t been a reliable third party checkout solution that works with Infusionsoft’s affiliate tracking. Our direct Infusionsoft integration allows you to use Infusionsoft’s affiliate tracking capabilities with Spiffy Checkouts.

Capture leads through your landing pages, convert sales with Spiffy, and your affiliates get credit for all the leads they generate.

Infusionsoft Video Tutorials

We have an ever-growing library of tutorials in our Spiffy Help Center to guide you in setting up your Infusionsoft integration with Spiffy Checkouts. As always you can always reach out to our team by email as well.

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