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Take payments through your website with MailChimp.
Subscriptions, Payment Plans, Upsells, we make it all easy!


Checkout Pages for MailChimp


Direct, native integrations are always the best. Here are the main features of our MailChimp integration that will help you save time, make money and create a seamless experience for your customers and clients.

Direct Integration

Connect Spiffy directly to MailChimp. Get the full functionality of a direct API integration.

Add/Remove Tags

Setup actions to add/remove multiple tags in MailChimp after a successful purchase, upsell purchase, or failed payment.

Auto-Send Contact Info

Integrate MailChimp once, Spiffy will automatically send over customer data for every purchase.


Spiffy makes it easy to streamline your new customer experience, and make data-driven business & marketing decisions.

Easy, Guided Setup

Start Getting Paid in Minutes

Getting started is easy. We do all the heavy-lifting behind the scenes. You’re literally just a few clicks away from taking payments.

Connect your Stripe account. Connect your MailChimp account. Collect Cash. It’s that simple.

Start making sales and collecting payments in minutes. Not tech savvy? No worries, we’ll guide you through the entire process, step-by-step.

We Didn’t Compromise, You Shouldn’t Either…

Fast. Easy. Simple. Powerful.

We believe that power and simplicity are not mutually exclusive.

We didn’t compromise power when we made things simple. Instead, we built powerful features and  designed them in a way where they are simple and easy-to-use.

Most other software solutions either over-complicate things, or over-simplify them – leaving a lot to be desired.  We take pride in creating powerful features that are elegant and easy-to-use.

Save Time with Purchase Actions

Focus on Your Best Work, Not All The Busy Work

Our MailChimp Actions, along with our Zapier Actions, make it possible to automate the first step in almost any new client on-boarding, or new customer process – saving you time, and letting you focus on doing what you enjoy most.

Once you integrate your MailChimp account, you’ll be able to setup Actions for each Spiffy order form you create. These Actions will run after a successful purchase.

Grow your business with peace of mind, and your sanity intact.

Create Recurring Subscription Plans

Stop Chasing Money. Have It Come To You

Do you provide a recurring monthly or quarterly service? Stop chasing your clients to pay your invoice, and just set them up on an automatic recurring subscription plan where you automatically charge them every month for your service, and automatically send your customer a paid invoice receipt. Now that’s making money, made easy!

Spiffy Checkouts Vs. Keap/Infusionsoft Checkout Pages

There are many advantages to using Spiffy Checkouts with Keap, rather than upgrading to Infusionsoft, or just using Keap features.
Spiffy Checkouts offers more powerful and flexible features, and is a better solution for most businesses.
Watch the video overview below, for a more detailed overview.


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